Charlotte Allen Is a Crazy Screamer

I read this article the other day by a real nice sounding lady named Charlotte Allen. She wrote a piece in the LA Times called: “Keep Your Self Righteous Fingers Off My Processed Food”, which is a real mouthful of a title. Maybe she could have said something like: “Please Refrain From Your Gastronomic Sanctimony”. That mightn’t have meant anything to her readership.

Anyway, the article was basically about how all the social critics are a bunch of assholes who should really stop saying bad things about our society. Specifically, she feels that when people say, “cheap mass produced goods are bad for people and the environment and the world in general”, what they are really saying is, “pony up, poor people, for yours is a life of sloth and greed.” She then goes on to liken Alice Waters to Marie Antoinette, which makes Michael Pollan, I don’t know, Mao Tse-tung maybe.

People like this thrive on a bad economic climate because then they get to start screaming from the podium “You SEE! You see what all these high-fallutin, college- educated, liberal elites want from you. They want to take away what littles you still got!”. They never put two and two together to come to the understanding that the consumer economy, the economy obsessed with collecting more stuff at the lowest possible price, is hastening the annihilation of the domestic manufacturing sector. The result being a downward spiral in the quality and compensation of jobs available for regular people and massive consumer and the government debts which helped cause the economic downfall in the first place.

If you love this country then you should be willing to put more of your money into it. Every dollar you send to southeast Asia for an unnecessary gadget, every penny that you send to South America for out- of- season fruit, says to the American producer of quality goods: “Why don’t you take a fucking job at Walmart?”.

What you pay is directly correlated not only to what you get but also to what the people who make the stuff get paid. If you pay more for food, the farmer makes more. If you pay next to nothing for huge gobfuls of garbage to shove in your face, then the producer is making very little on the pound and must produce many more pounds in order to stay afloat. When what you pay for is heavily processed, the primary producer gets even less, the processor takes the lion’s share.

I gotta write one more about gadgets before all my gadget- happy friends disown me. Then I promise we’ll get back to eats and pictures of good eats. I just gotta get this craziness outta me first.

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  1. Word – I agree totally. I know cheap food is ahem, cheap, but it is expensive in the long run. Is it really probable to continue to pay farmers less than their food costs to produce? What about the subsidies WE pay for that food? I would rather have a few extra dollars in my pocket to give directly to the farmers so they can make a decent living.

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