Writer for Hire

Gangster Of Food is seeking work as a writer. Do you need any writing done? You can see here that I’ve basically mastered snark and heckling, but maybe you’re looking for a different voice, one that’s more professional, subdued, or reasoned. In that case, read some of my journalism from the Vanguard newspaper at my alma mater, Portland State University.

I’ve written several pieces, ranging from literary journalism, to personal narrative, to pure fiction on a freelance basis for local arts and culture publication, PDX Magazine. I can even turn somewhat technical subjects into breezy reads, like I did in my piece on arbuscular mycorrhizae for the Oregon Mycological Society’s Mushrumors newsletter. That link goes to the Ohio Mushroom Society’s newsletter because they liked it so much they picked it up too, and their newsletter is accessible to the public.

So pick up the phone! Or a pen and paper. Or maybe do it the modern way: mike@gangsteroffood.com.



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